Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

In this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we meet travel blogger Milou van Roon the Explorista. Find out how she motivates millennials to live in their careers and in their journeys. Meet Milou and check out her List to Java Indonesia and at which she’s jet headed to next!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista


How did your passion for travel get started?

I’m not convinced, I’ve had a passion as I can recall. I count myself very lucky that my parents could always take my sister and I float in the summer (usually in France). I’d be the first to ask where our second holiday was away to. Sometimes as early haha. My favorite subjects in school were geography and history, though the latter covered clay’s contents much more than I care to recall.

Just how are you travel in any given year? Which are the kinds of places do you want to see?

I’m overseas about 1/3 of this year, give or take. Those are divided into one-week and weekend trips. I’ve actually never traveled for at least three months at a time, now that I think of it. Because it’s so easy to go around here I have a tendency to do a lot of breaks in Europe. If I leave my home at this time, I could maintain Poland. However, I also really like North America and the Middle East. Truly… I kind of like what. My most recent trips have been to cold(ish) destinations, however, so I really want some sunshine soon, or else I will literally be watch trough.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

What is it that you want audiences to achieve / learn from your work?

I’ve developed this passion and pleasure for my life and living and that comes from after my passion. Through my blog I’m hoping to inspire other young girls to pursue that happiness. Wether you get that from travel, being an entrepreneur or let’s say… knitting… I really don’t care. If I could make 1 reader reflect in their own life and recognize that -really, after that, and they’d love to do things in their life take the dangers and go do them, my job would be done in this world.


This record will vary any time you ask me, but for today… Indonesia, United States and Finland. I absolutely loved the Balkan too though…

Give us the’Top 5′ Record for one of these destinations, like a Listing of sorts

I’ve only traveled Java from Indonesia, but it Will be, when I Needed to give One five places to Visit Java

How many countries have you visited up to now?

1: Jakarta (for a day to experience the Dutch colonial history),

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

Your top three favourite restaurants?

2: Prambanan temple (biggest hindu temple in Indonesia)

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

Favorite restaurant on the planet?

3: Yogyakarta (Genuinely enjoyed the vibe and Also LOVED the surrounding nature)

Your travel movie?

4: Borobudur (Magnificent even if it means rising at an ungodly hour)

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

Favourite international airport?

5: Gedong Songo temple complex. The previous one was my favorite, since I snapped a horse trough it , with spectacular views across the hills.

City with the most friendly folks?

My goal is to reach 38 this year!

Your favorite?

Italian, Mexican and Indian.

Very best way you kill time?

I don’t have one. Should I?

What’s the most exotic location you have been taken by your career?

Midnight in Paris is in my top 3 films of all time. I also loved the Darjeeling Limited and am not ashamed I really loved Eat, Pray, Love and Sex and the City 2 too (How wonderful does this desert camp seem?) .

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

Your bit of travel advice for somebody who’s going to embark on a life of travel?

Schiphol in Amsterdam.

Yes, however I need to go local on this one. Never been into a airport anywhere! (But then I have not been to Singapore…)

What are without?

I’ll select a country: Croatia, although I can not select a city! In 2015 I did a road trip trough six states in 3 months, and had a good comparison. The Croatian people were friendly, I loved them. Also adore the Irish.

What’s your dream destination?

My boyfriend. (aww)

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

Your travel quotation?

Reading a Novel.

I believe one reason I love because I adore tales travel so much is. This season, I’m trying to read 25 books, so I’m falling behind, but I’ve only completed four books up to now!

You visited Finland to get NBE, will you tell us a bit about it?

I think.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

And though it wasn’t”exotic”, becoming to learn more about the Austrian Alps and the town of Kitzbühel for job felt really damn unique. There’s something about mountains that can not be topped.

Where to next?

Work on finding yourself a fantastic balance. Wether you intend to work while you travel (internet or locally), or only travel: balance is vital. It is going to keep you from burning trough your budget, lost out or burning yourself out.

My mobile phone. A book. Ear plugs. Sleeping mask. My laptop is my lifeline while I journey since I work for my company, but I really could do with no holiday. The remainder are vital! Those earplugs helped me fall back asleep after the loudest call I was woken by the prayer in the universe up .

That affects. Probably a safari in Tanzania now!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

Not necessarily a travel quotation, but one of my own favorites:”Into reside  is your funniest thing in the world. Most individuals exist, that’s all” from Oscar Wilde. It’s 100% how I attempt to live my life. Making sure I’m looking living and making the most of it, as opposed to just present.

I was invited to Finland from NBE (which is a part of the Finnish travel fair Matka) as a speaker and also a blogger. I got to talk during the NBE Bloglab about to make a career. I talked a bit about how I used my blog at which I get to use a few really major journey brands to initiate a marketing agency. I was really nervous (hello imposter syndrome!) , but I think it went well. Before and after the event there were great media trips. I went to the Åland Islands beforehand, which got to research Tallinn later, which is the strangest city ever, and was spectacular in terms of food and nature.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista

My boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Prague a week, which I’m saying put to catch up on work and also to breathe. One of my aims this season is to concentrate on growing as an individual beyond work and travel too, so I’m trying to concentrate on my hobbies a whole lot longer too. Having said that: I’m going to London at the end of following month to get Traverse17. I have another week then that is wide open. Knowing me I’ll probably escape to somewhere before then though! My travel plans are very last minute. I guess you’ll need to accompany me to see if I could stay put for that long????

At which she intends to inspire female millennials to live longer adventurously — wether inside their careers or their journeys, milou sites at Explorista. She also juggles her sites and her travel schedule with being the CEO of her own advertising and marketing and advertising agency for travel brands called Explorista Media.

You can stick to this busy bee on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Milou van Roon the Explorista