Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi

So you are all set to take in most of the sounds and sights which this terrific continent has to offer you and booked your flight to Africa. You’ve told all of your family and friends so what is next? Preparing to travel anyplace can be a difficult job, but journeying to Africa could pose its own set of different challenges, especially to get any first-timer. Here is some practical suggestions for travel to Malawi, a small country in southeastern Africa called”the Warm Heart of Africa.”

Anti-Malaria Medicine

Malawi’s geography is diverse – mountains, rolling hills, flat plains, rainforest, marshlands and forests include the landscape of this gorgeous nation. Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa and holds over 1,000 species of brilliant cichlid fish. It’s roughly the size of Belgium and is what sets Malawi apart from nations that are landlocked African.


With water and dense vegetation comes the possibly most-hated bug the mosquito, on the planet. Malaria is a parasitic disease that could be deadly if left untreated and causes headaches, fever. Symptoms typically start around 10 days to 2 weeks after a person is bitten by a mosquito carrying malaria (not all mosquitoes are carriers of malaria.)

Travel Insurance

The fantastic news is that prophylactic treatments can lower the probability of malaria. I strongly suggest going to your physician or travel clinic to get a prescription. Some common kinds are Malarone, Chloroquine and Doxycycline. Some anti drugs induce sensitivity to light, stomach cramps and nausea, so it’s best to consult with your physician about all  side effects that are possible.

Packing List

This is perhaps the most significant bit of advice for travel to Malawi. Countries require individuals to have of the frequent childhood vaccines such as polio, tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella and Hepatitis B. However there are vaccines like Meningococcal Meningitis and Hepatitis A that aren’t administered during youth, so there is a high likelihood you’ve not had them if you don’t have visited Africa. I recommend calling your pediatrician (if the clinic is still around) and asking about what vaccines you’ve already gotten. Most insurance providers will cover Hepatitis A 100 percent if you wish to get immunized, but will not cover it if you tell them in your upcoming travel plans (intriguing .) For Malawi it is not necessary to get vaccinated against Yellow Fever, however, is a great resource to check out before you schedule an appointment with your physician.

Practical Info

As you don’t know what might happen while away from home, it’s best to find travel insurance for your time you’ll be out. World Nomads is a business with competitive prices and comprehensive coverage for many different travel-related emergencies.


Besides your panties, trousers, shirts and shoes, here are additional items that you may want to pack for Malawi.


-Comfy travel products for the flights that are Extended like the DBH Travel Pillow

Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi

Recommended Accommodations

-Mosquito repellant

-Hat, sunglasses, water-resistant SPF sunscreen

-SCUBA/PADI certification

-Extra camera or special equipment

-Voltage transformer and converter (Malawi utilizes Great Britain plugs.)

Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi

-Plastic bags for wet or soiled clothes

Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi

-Loose for safaris. Check out ScotteVest for clothes that are ideal.

-Powder laundry detergent (most Resorts Don’t Have washers or dryers on site, so You Might Have to wash from time to time)

-Flashlight (some Resorts run on generator power and lights will turn off in the Morning )

-Anti-diarrhea medication. Because diarrhea doesn’t discriminate and may put a damper on your trip (no pun meant )

-clothes or extra clothes, and I don’t mean over packaging. Malawi is a nation that is poor and every little bit helps. Giving away old or used clothing/shoes to others is a way to do something good for somebody in need while freeing up room in your bag for of the wooden carvings you’ll be buying. I gave the vast majority of my unwanted clothes away to hotel staff. I guarantee you that nothing else you provide will be turned away.

When searching in the regional crafts market, be aware that the cost a shopkeeper tells you’re about 30% to 50% more than you can buy for this. Do not feel pressured to cover something if you feel you are being scammed. Also, anticipate several shopkeepers to be consistent in trying to sell you something. I recommend you tell all of them before you commit to making a choice, that you’re taking a look at everything. It’s almost always a good idea to be polite and stern when telling a person you aren’t interested, although I never felt unsafe in any moment.

It isn’t compulsory nor is it expected, although Malawians obviously welcome A small token of appreciation. Safari/hiking/tour guides are typically supplied a tip separate from the suggestion that you must leave for the hotel employees ($5-$10 daily per person, so a few staying in a hotel for 3 nights ought to leave approximately $30-$60 in tips. Tips get equally distributed to every hotel staff member in the conclusion of each month.) The average monthly wages in Malawi is about $50 a month.

Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi

Lilongwe- Crossroads Hotel

Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi

Ntchisi- Ntchisi Forest Lodge

Chelinda- Chelinda Lodge

Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi

Makuzi- Makuzi Beach Lodge

Nkotakhota Game Reserve- Tongole Wilderness Lodge

Cape Maclear/ Lake Malawi National Park areas- Danforth Yachting, Pumulani, Mumbo Island, Makokola Retreat

Liwonde National Park- Mvuu Lodge

Zomba Plateau- Sunbird Ku Chawe

Blantyre- Protea Ryalls

Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi

Majete Wildlife Reserve- Mkulumadzi Lodge

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Suggestions for Traveling To Malawi