VIDEO: Finger Licking BBQ in Big Swamp Smoke Away in Collier County

On January 6 I had the opportunity to visit the Sixth Annual Major Swamp Smoke-Off Bar-B-Que Contest.

A huge contingent of the nation’s best cook BBQ teams came to compete because the very best BBQ cooks.

Both day event provides activities for the whole family plus a visits are given the opportunity to partake by sampling of the BBQ teams that are professional yummy pork and put your vote by it. They also have tasty craft beer selling BBQ. My father and I had the opportunity to try out ribs, chicken, brisket and pork out of a few of the opponents and I must say that I was blown away!

? BiG Swamp Smoke-Off BBQ Competition:

?Inn On Fifth:

Maybe you have been to the major Swamp Smoke-Off Bar-B-Que competition?