VIDEO: Exquisite Southern Fusion Food + Blues Band at Jackson, Mississippi

This video is Currently in partnership with Visit Jackson MS. Exquisite Southern Fusion Food and Blues Band at Jackson, Mississippi!

We start the day in Fondren Guitars and Patrick the owner gives me a guitar lesson. He taught me how to play a little bit of the blues!

We headed to try out several art beers, cocktails and also some yummy southern fusion food like their Tuna Poke Nachos that is a twist from Western and Japanese Southern.

We then led for supper to Babalu restaurant. It is a mix of Souther mix meals with Spanish food. I had some yummy table side guacamole as well as the Baba Burger and also a Mississippi craft beer.

Then I struck Fondren up a block celebration that happens each Thursday of the month, following 5. It begins in March. Here they have some bits, craft beers plus live blues songs.

The afternoon to end try and that I led to Underground 119 to here a blues band some Mississippi meals. By Fried Green Beans with Comeback Sauce into Fried Chicken it had been very Southern! I hope you enjoyed this Southern Fusion Food and Blues Band video! If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up, remark below with your comments and subscribe to my YouTube station!